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Junior Services (13 and under)

30 minutes = $40

1 hour = $75

Newborn Baby Foot
Getting a Facial
Happy Baby

In today’s busy world, our children need positive coping skills. Not only do these sessions allow kids to experience naturopathic healing at an early age, but it gives them a chance to release built-up stress and learn how to embrace a life of wellness. 


Available for reiki, foot reflexology, or facial reflexology services, these sessions are shorter in duration and focused on the main power areas. They are very relaxing and effective, even among my most ticklish clients.


Grounding, meditative, and relaxing, these sessions offer a calm and tranquil environment where kids can get in-tune with their body’s natural rhythms and take a moment for self-reflection.


Babies can also benefit from a reflexology session! Not only is it soothing, it helps reduce colic and pain from teething without medication, it promotes sounder sleep.

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