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Auricular Therapy

30 minutes = $40

(ear candling / ear seeding)

Image by Jessica Flavia
Image by Hayes Potter

In auricular therapy, specific points on the ear act as a roadmap to the rest of the body, allowing practitioners to treat a number of ailments in a non-invasive manner. Through acupuncture/acupressure-style techniques, they are able to unblock the flow of qi (life energy) and restore balance within the body.


Ear seeding is one form of auricular therapy. Traditionally, vaccaria seeds are placed on the ear using a small piece of tape. Modern practitioners may use balls made of gold, silver, precious stones or crystals instead, allowing clients to reap the health benefits of ear seeding while sporting a more fashionable look. 


First, the seeds or balls are placed on the part(s) of the ear that correspond with the client’s problem area(s). The client is then instructed to apply light finger pressure or rotational motions directly on the seed/ball to stimulate energy flow. The seeds/balls remain in place for up to 1 week.  


There are very few adverse effects to ear seeding, the biggest concern usually being allergies to the vaccaria seed, the latex in the tape or to the metal used in the balls.   


Another form of auricular therapy is ear candling, which is available at Ravenstone upon request. Get in touch to learn more about this service or to set up an appointment.

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