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Trying to decide if naturopathic healing is right for your needs, or looking for more info? You’re not alone! Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions I get by wellness-seekers just like you!


Still looking for answers or have a specific question for me? Reach out!

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is a form of energy healing and there is no definitive answer although there are many theories. I like to explain it this way… Pretty much everyone has a cell phone. In 2022 the number of people using cell phones is an estimated 7.26 billion. That number is mind boggling and yet we pick up our phone dial a number and never think of the million of calls being made at that exact moment. We simply trust our call will connect us to the right person in the right country. Most people are unable (me included) to explain how exactly it works but we put our faith in the process. Reiki energy works with your personal energy to provide healing where you need it most. All that is required of you is your permission to have Reiki performed and your willingness to put your faith in the process.

Do the bruises from cupping hurt?

Done properly cupping does not cause bruising. The reddened circles are referred to as cupping marks or ecchymosis. All skin marks that are the result of cupping therapy, however dark they may appear, are not painful. There is no external or internal damage inflicted to the skin. Even following the Strong cupping method, local pain will not accompany the cupping mark! The marks fade with time depending on the person, the area cupped, and how dark the cupping mark is. Cupping marks (ecchymosis) are the same as hickies and fade without turning yellow/green.

When hypnotised will I be under the control of the hypnotist?

A person who is hypnotised is not under anyone’s control and can break their hypnosis at any time. It is impossible to make a hypnotised person do anything that is against their moral judgement. You can not make a person rob a bank unless they are a bank robber, and you can not make a person give up secrets or bank codes. Under hypnosis you are in total control and your subconscious mind is open to receive beneficial suggestions. That being said a person under hypnosis for entertainment purposes will behave the same way they would under the influence of a few drinks of alcohol. If you are willing to sing karaoke in front of a dozen friends after a few drinks then under hypnosis you will sing for a hundred people without blinking an eye.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No, there is no way a person can get stuck in hypnosis. If the hypnotist stops talking for an extended period you will simply wake up. When you are finished with your session you will be instructed to leave the hypnotic state and return to the room awake and feeling refreshed. Some people really enjoy the deep relaxation of hypnosis and being stress free so they will try to remain hypnotized after their session. To these clients I simply state “Although, I respect your choice to remain deeply relaxed in your personal safe space, the room rental at Ravenstone is one hundred dollars per hour. How would you like to pay for the rental?” This will bring a client out of hypnosis and back to reality very quickly.

What is foot reflexology and how does it work?

ASR defines Foot Reflexology as “The study and practice of automatic body responses to finger pressure, on specific areas of the feet that correspond to all body parts, to help the body attain/maintain its ideal balance.”

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